About Me

I am a husband, father, friend, minister, teacher, business owner and writer. As such, I am a bivocational ordained Deacon in the Church of the Nazarene. As a Deacon, I have the full sacramental authority of an Elder in our denomination, save the pressure to be a full time pastor.

I earned a BA in Religion from Trevecca Nazarene University and also hold a Master of Divinity Degree with an emphasis in Academic research from Mercer University, McAfee School of Theology. Upon commencement, McAfee bestowed upon me the “Outstanding Scholars Award.” The title of my Masters thesis is “Divine Plasticity: Reading the Incarnation through Jacques Lacan and Luce Irigaray.” Currently, I am working on a Doctor of Ministry Degree with an emphasis on the intersection of church and culture via ethnography.

I am Nazarene by tradition (think Wesleyan/Methodist roots) and baptist (little b) by creed…this may help you make some sense of what you will find in this blog.  My interests theo-philosophically are multi-discipline, as I like to think and write at the place where continental philosophy and biblical studies intersect.  This means I rely heavily for my engagement with the world via an interpretive approach that simultaneously uses contemporary biblical hermenuetics with secular philosophies to read sacred texts and Christian tradition in new and, what I believe, enriching ways.  Continental thought comes heavily from the French intellectual quarter, but really much of Europe is exposed to its influence and the recent decade has seen an explosion of the broad term “continentalism” in American universities and academic life.

I strive to keep one foot in the church, one in the academy, and one in culture, living at the interstices of all three.  I am involved in the academic world via conferences, scholarly publications and teaching. I am engaged in teaching Christians at my local church to broaden their horizons and be more faithful and generous participants in the divine creativity we find in the world and especially witnessed to in the Christ event.  I am also a business owner and remain engaged in the materiality of the world on a daily basis.  I do not inhabit an “ivory tower” but I do wish to bring together intellect and faith, careful reflection with liturgical practice, and cultural relevance.  I have passion to theorize faith and praxis that takes the humanities seriously as they engage Christianity, theology, philosophy, economics, etc., which means I try to not be the predictablly “left” or “right” version of anything.  I find those blogs/books/columns boring, merely seeing the name of the site or the author already telling you the content of the “ideas.”  Reality is always more ambiguous and filled with aporia than we would like to admit.

I currently reside in the Chattanooga, TN area, am married and have 3 sons and a daughter with whom I love sharing the stories of my life…stories that have led to the thinking on this page.  I welcome you to struggle with me as we grapple with life together.  Welcome to the Paranormalchrist!


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